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Biography of Felix Chertok. Success as a systematic work — 7 tips on how to be a progressive businessman.

They say that in order to have a successful business, and to reach heights in any business in general, you need to be in the right place at the right time. And it is partially true. The importance of good timing cannot be overstated. At the same time, it is always worth remembering what brings a person to this successful moment when everything works out.

Persistent hard work isn’t always visible to an outside observer. Felix Chertok knows this better than anyone else. It was thanks to systematic work, faith in himself and his team that he managed to achieve what he has now. The life principles of Chertok Felix can help every businessman — both a beginner and an already experienced entrepreneur. We have collected 7 life tips for you.

Felix Chertok

  1. Business is a marathon, not a sprint

Don’t expect instant results. Put in the time and effort, and be patient. From childhood, Chertok Felix’s father, Borys Chertok, also a successful entrepreneur, taught his son to value money and accumulate resources. It was the father who laid down this fundamental knowledge – only by not missing the forest for the trees, can you bring a large-scale idea to life.

„Patience isn’t always an innate trait, but it’s something you should learn from a young age.” – Chertok F.

Therefore, Felix Chertok started working at the age of 16, starting a video rental service. And in 1994, he started working in the field of wholesale trade of alcoholic beverages and food products. Felix Chertok did not expect instant results and cosmic profits from his business and reinvested the received funds into the business.

This is how Felix Chertok managed to open the “AV” Trading House, which employs more than 370 employees. The company supplies the market with more than 24 million bottles of various alcohol of consistently high quality every year. These are the trademarks represented in Ukraine and abroad:

Green Day;




Dovbush Carpathian;

Kosher Collection wines.

  1. Learn to control your impulses

To survive a business marathon, you need to give yourself time to think. Businessmen, especially beginners, can occasionally have impulsive ideas that at first glance seem like a great decision. But are they really? When coming up with business ideas, focus on long-term goals and always consider how today’s opportunities impact your goal. After all, everything you do now will have consequences in the future. Regularity, thoughtfulness and strategic thinking will lead you to success.

There are many risks in business, and not all offers that come along the way are virtuous. Quick earnings often mean damage to the community and nature, a „gray” area of the law. And in the long term, they damage the reputation of both the business and the personality of the entrepreneur. So always think before you act.

Here are five strategies to help you deal with impulsive behavior:

  1. Analyze when you act impulsively and to what consequences it leads.
  2. Practice mindfulness.
  3. Reflect, because the basis of impulsive behavior are your internal triggers.
  4. Do not allow yourself to act impulsively. For example, write down your problems and options for solving them. After some time, review this list with „fresh eyes” to analyze whether this solution really helps.
  5. Have a rest. Stress and anxiety are „friends” of impulsive behavior.

3. Invest in your education

The more you know about your industry, technology, trends and market, the closer you are to success. Chertok Feliks has completed more than 50 business trainings in Ukraine and abroad on the topics of team management, sales technology, marketing, finance and investments. Also, Chertok Felix is guided by management techniques that help companies change without creating chaos. This is possible thanks to the methodology of Yitzhak Calderon Adizes, a leading expert in change management. How education helped to Felix Chertok, read the article.

4. In business, not everything goes according to plan

Mistakes and challenges are part of development. Don’t be afraid to take steps forward and learn from mistakes. Chertok Felix has faced various challenges in his more than 20 years of work in various industries. And he always found wise solutions based on his own many years of experience.

But this does not mean that you should give up after the first mistake. Yes, sometimes it is difficult, and you want to give up and do nothing. But, as Chertok Felix himself says: „A mistake is an inseparable and important part of human life. It opens up opportunities and is the key to ascension”. Giving up is the easiest and fastest way out.

Business does not tolerate weakness. Draw conclusions from your own and other people’s mistakes, analyze them, and then you will succeed. You will have to overcome crises from time to time (and sometimes – constantly). On February 24, 2022, russia started a full-scale invasion into Ukraine, and the battle continues to this day. In the first few weeks, no one understood what would happen next. The economy falls by more than 30%, more than 8 million people leave the country, a large part of which are working women. Some businesses manage to relocate, some close forever. But there are new challenges ahead. Consumer prices increase by 26%, incomes of the population decrease by a quarter. Then there are blackouts due to shelling of energy infrastructure. Despite this, many still managed to stay afloat and support the citizens and the economy of the country. In particular, Felix Chertok Ukraine.

5. Pay attention to interaction with customers, partners and employees

Keep calm in conflict situations to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships. When the business develops, you always need to understand the moment when you need to attract partners — volumes are growing quickly, additional resources are needed to meet consumer demand. And for Chertok Felix, this moment came in 1998 — the businessman found manufacturing partners for cooperation in the distribution of his own products. Thus began a new page in the development of Felix Chertok business.

It is impossible to do everything on your own, and it is unreasonable to focus responsibility on yourself. One person cannot physically understand all areas of a business. Partners, employees and loyal consumers are a community that will help with the development and improvement of the business.

6. Talk to smart people who have a better understanding of different aspects of the business, including your competitors

Sharing your knowledge is another way of development. That’s why Chertok Felix surrounds himself with people who are just as willing to constantly learn, open to new practices and ready to exchange ideas. This applies to business partners and company employees, as well as friends.

Feliks Chertok is also constantly in touch with competitors. Why do this? Together, you understand your industry like no other and can create better solutions for its development together. Healthy competition only pushes business forward, motivates to develop innovations and not stop at what has been achieved. And this is beneficial for business, and for the community, and most importantly — for consumers.

7. Value yourself and your time!

Chertok Felixʼs life isn’t just business 24/7, because that’s a fast track to burnout. The entrepreneur likes to read a lot, spend time with his family and go skiing. Business should not take away your whole life, otherwise it will be an eternal race to an unknown goal.

Having your own business should help you become a happy and free person. And your character is the driving force for making plans a reality. Develop, learn and never stop — and then success will not keep you waiting.